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Monday, May 09, 2005

Movies and Inspirations

Last week found me spending an afternoon with my good friend Jill. We walked around her neck of the woods, aka Neutral Bay, a suburb to the north of Sydney.
We shopped and I somehow found myself with a lovey wool/silk pashmina - perfect for the cold days ahead. We also had yummy hot chocolate and shared a berry and apple tarte tatin...mmmm

And, on our way back to her place, we stopped by Blockbuster. They had a sale and I ended up with "A Room with a View" on DVD. My second DVD purchase in as many weeks. My first was the lovely "Before Sunrise"
and just yesterday I made yet another purchase - Pedro Almodovar's "Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About my mother)".

No, I do not have a truckload of money to throw around but here's the thing. My local movie theatre, which was turning into a real dump anyway but serviced my movie needs just fine, closed down a couple of weeks ago. A new movie theatre will replace it but not for a few more MONTHS! What to do with the money allocated to my movie trips? Why purchase some DVDs of course and enjoy these over and over again. Besides, this way I get to catch up on movies I may have missed out on earlier. Right?

Anyway, Saturday night found me at home with my husband. We had not done very much the whole day as we had waited for our new fridge and washing machine to arrive. We decided to spend the night at home and watch some movies. We first started with "Office Space", a movie that is guaranteed to cheer us up - why? Well, we can so relate to the mundane portrayal of office life and having to deal with ridiculous reporting tools such as "coversheets on TPS reports" - my husband, in particular, relates to it all better than me, after all he is the IT geek in our home.

Our second movie was "Before Sunrise", a movie Oyvind had never seen. He says he enjoyed it (ok it is a bit romantic etc so I have my doubts) and so of course that made me happy. Besides, when we first met our circumstances were not much different to the characters. There we were, two strangers from very different cultures and backgrounds who decided to take a chance...Granted, our surroundings may not have been as glamorous as Vienna but San Francisco is not too bad at all.

Watching the film again reminded me of when I had first watched it and how I had made myself a vow that if I ever found myself in a situation like theirs I would do exactly the same thing they did. Only a year or so later I did and I stuck to my vow. Am I ever glad I did! :-)


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