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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is today a cool date or what?

5th day of the 5th month of 2005...I love dates like that. They look so pretty you know. Maybe that's why I was so happy with my own birth date - 02/02. It makes it easy to write wherever I am in the world: USA month/day or Australia day/month...Hmmm

Anyway, this morning I went to a conference in the city (CBD) nice and early. As in I was there at 7.30...*yawn!*

I used to work in the city up until March but whilst I was off getting hitched and sipping Pina Coladas in Fiji, my office was relocated to the suburbs. Now, although this means I am in the middle of nowhere, there are many advantages: travel time has been reduced significantly, especially when I have a car - it will only take me 10 minutes to drive to and from work each way, a welcome change from at least one hour commute each way back in my CBD days; no shopping around which means less temptation; a chance to go on nice lunchtime walks.

So, I have been doing this routine for the past 3 weeks and well, it was a bit of a rude shock to be catching a train before 7am!!!

Anyway - there was breakfast provided at this place. It was held in a hotel and so of course the food was yum-o. Now if only I could remember what the presentation was about...;-)
But seriously, here I am. Almost lunchtime and not particularly hungry. So I thought I would update my blog instead.

Plans for the weekend?
Saturday - waiting on delivery of our NEW fridge AND Washing machine. So excited about this - sad isn't it? But seriously, my current appliances are hand me downs and are both 17 years old...soooo, a time for change, agree? We knew we had to get a new washer when ours threatened to stomp through our apartment during its spin dry cycle. Seriously. We had to hold it down.
My fridge, on the other hand, works as effectively as an open Eski (cooler box or ice box). My veggies last a very short time and it is just a real pain to clean as it is not frost-free. Ahhh, new fridge.

Sunday - mother's day. I think my sis and I are taking my mum somewhere but we will see whether we actually fit into her schedule. She is one busy lady.

Now, it is back to work for me.


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