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Friday, March 18, 2005


I was checking out the usual blogs I like to check out and stopped by Amylou's most recent entry. It turned out to be a very entertaining read on her various crushes over the years and her most recent one on a Swede named Haakan, who also happens to be a singer in a band...with a girlfriend, and highly unlikely to pose any threat to Amy's boyfriend (a Beck lookalike...I sense a pattern but ANYWAY...)

So, I started thinking about my own crushes. There have been so many I have lost count. Some have turned into conquests of sorts whilst most remain firmly in fantasy standing. Oyvind, angel, you have nothing to worry about!

But seriously folks, here I am with just over 2 weeks until I become a married woman and I still nurse and enjoy my silly crushes. And why not? It is not unhealthy is it? Besides, I like to share these with my future husband who mostly laughs and looks completely puzzled :-) Mind you, he has his own crushes and one is even in Sydney at the moment, promoting her latest movie...(Sandra Bullock and Miss congeniality 2).

So, while I sat here and listened to Coldplay sing "Green Eyes", a song I associate with my significant other, and whilst I read Amylou's entry, I started to think of my current crushes. I can say that I have two serious crushes who are both totally unattainable, married and never likely to cross my path in a million years. Still, a girl can dream can't she?

All, I present you with the sexy Brit...Clive Owen. What a man! So imperfect and rugged that it makes me giggle and blush.


And then there is Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from the most excellent and entertaining TV series "Lost". I just love his character to bits and that Southern drawl is to die for...wow!


Anyway, now that I have finished publicising my crushes to the cyberworld. I should go back to planning my wedding...After all, I am marrying my greatest crush whose affections took me almost a year to secure.


  • Wow, I had no idea Sandra's in town!!! I'm thinking you'll have to go to the airport on your own to pick up my dad :-)

    And no, there's nothing wrong with crushes!

    By Blogger dogspeed, at 11:04 am  

  • So, I was telling my friend about my HÃ¥kan crush, feeling rather guilty, when I asked if there was anyone -- ANYONE -- who would tempt her to cheat on her boyfriend. Her answer? Clive Owen. If he wanted to, that man could wreck some serious havoc!

    Thanks for assuring me that I'm not alone in my insane crushes. And good luck with the last minute wedding plans!

    By Blogger amylou, at 6:43 am  

  • Ah, I knew you had good taste. Clive is one of only a handful of celebrities on which I have a crush. Check him out in "Greenfingers"...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 am  

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