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Friday, March 18, 2005


I was checking out the usual blogs I like to check out and stopped by Amylou's most recent entry. It turned out to be a very entertaining read on her various crushes over the years and her most recent one on a Swede named Haakan, who also happens to be a singer in a band...with a girlfriend, and highly unlikely to pose any threat to Amy's boyfriend (a Beck lookalike...I sense a pattern but ANYWAY...)

So, I started thinking about my own crushes. There have been so many I have lost count. Some have turned into conquests of sorts whilst most remain firmly in fantasy standing. Oyvind, angel, you have nothing to worry about!

But seriously folks, here I am with just over 2 weeks until I become a married woman and I still nurse and enjoy my silly crushes. And why not? It is not unhealthy is it? Besides, I like to share these with my future husband who mostly laughs and looks completely puzzled :-) Mind you, he has his own crushes and one is even in Sydney at the moment, promoting her latest movie...(Sandra Bullock and Miss congeniality 2).

So, while I sat here and listened to Coldplay sing "Green Eyes", a song I associate with my significant other, and whilst I read Amylou's entry, I started to think of my current crushes. I can say that I have two serious crushes who are both totally unattainable, married and never likely to cross my path in a million years. Still, a girl can dream can't she?

All, I present you with the sexy Brit...Clive Owen. What a man! So imperfect and rugged that it makes me giggle and blush.


And then there is Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from the most excellent and entertaining TV series "Lost". I just love his character to bits and that Southern drawl is to die for...wow!


Anyway, now that I have finished publicising my crushes to the cyberworld. I should go back to planning my wedding...After all, I am marrying my greatest crush whose affections took me almost a year to secure.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hen's night...

So, the hen's night has come and gone and I am still in one piece. I did NOT have a male stripper perform for me. Thank goodness!

Instead, it was a rather tame night. We went to the Spanish Club restaurant and ate delicious tapas and drank plenty of sangria. It affected some people more than others though. Not me of course - I have had way too much drinking practice with Norwegians.

Anyway, I was made t wear my sister Blanca's creation - a Viking helmet decorated with jewels that fell off slowly throughout the night, glitter that was everywhere on my body and a powder blue veil trailing behind me. Yes, I was sophistication embodied.

Here's a shot of the friends that managed to make it. It was a small group and that was ok, although a few key parties were missing...ahem, pipstar...hehehe


And in case you missed who the hen was...


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Let them eat Cake...

Well, as you can see from my lack of blog updates, I have been one busy girl. And yes, it is ALL about the wedding :-)

Speaking of weddings, and before I start on my ramble, I went to my friend Joselyn's wedding on Saturday 5th of March. It was lots of fun and although a long day, I think it was enjoyed by all. The ceremony was very sweet and the reception place was very nice. The food was pretty good, especially the lasagne! Above all though, my friend Jos looked radiant and absolutely gorgeous and her new husband, Sam, looked very handsome and in love. At the moment they are basking in the sunshine of the Cook Islands...ahhhh

Oh, and I was planning to take photos of the event but my camera's battery decided that just as I was about to photograph the bride's entrance to the church, it would
die :-( Oh well...

On another note, also on that day, I had my first makeup trial - It was so weird! You see, I hardly ever wear makeup and to wear the amount I was wearing on the day was highly unusual - I think I scared Oyvind. Hahaha. At any rate, I liked it and hope that I can look decent on the big day. Minus stress pimples though - I hate them!

Now, back tot he subject matter - Cakes!

On Sunday, Oyvind and I met with our cake lady Michelle. We went through the cake specifications and handed over a deposit...now, it is fingers crossed!
Basically, the cake will be 3 tiers, with the top tier being fruit cake for me and Oyvind to share on our first wedding anniversary.
The bottom tiers will be chocolate and vanilla marble cake with raspberry filling...yum!
The outside of the cake will look a little like:

Cake - minus balls at the bottom

And the cake will be topped with cats because we love them (although I love dogs too) and because that is what we are nicknamed by my family...

Cake Topper - Cats Only

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On the other side of the river

I am not a music connoisseur. I do not pretend to have perfect pitch or know musical terminology. What I do know is what music I like and what music I do not like. And even music I don’t like sometimes grows on me and I end up loving it anyway…

A few weeks back, I went to see “Motorcycle Diaries” and absolutely fell in love with the music featured in the movie. In particular, the song Al otro lado del rio (On the other side of the river). This song moved me and had a quality about it I had not come across too often. Was it the gorgeous guitar that evoked feelings of the sun glistening on river water? Was it the sweet and gentle voice of the singer, Jorge Drexler? Was it the lullaby quality to it that made my heart feel hope and melancholy all at once?

Imagine my surprise to hear the news that, this gorgeous song, to which I have been listening almost religiously, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song.

My pride for this song swelled when I also found out that this was the first song in Spanish to have ever been nominated for such an accolade.

A couple of nights ago, the song was rewarded, justly in my opinion. However, it was performed by Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana and not Jorge Drexler, something I found a little strange…Although they did an OK job of it, they just could not project the sweetness of the original.

So, the following day, I wanted to check Jorge Drexler’s website to see what was being said about the win. Unfortunately, whilst there I made a very sad discovery…

It turns out that the reason Jorge did not perform his own song at the Oscars was because the producers of the show never gave him the chance to do so. They preferred to get a much more ‘well-known’ person to interpret the song for ratings purposes, rather than to stick to the true spirit of the song and have its creator sing. Jorge says in a press release letter written on February 24th, that he would have loved to perform his own song but has nothing but praise for Banderas, who behaved in a very tactful and respectful manner, despite the circumstances.

I found all this to be very sad and made me feel very disappointed and angry. Despite this, Jorge’s letter was so elegant and hopeful that it made me very proud of him and very fortunate to also have the ability to speak the same language.

If you have not had a chance, listen to his song at www.motorcyclediariesmovie.com