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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Wedding Stuff

Ok, since my entire life is revolving around my upcoming wedding, here it goes...

We now have 53 days to go until the big day and I have the memory span of a goldfish!

There are still so many things left to do but most are very small. Our biggest 'win' is that yesterday we mailed the invitations to all our guests from OZ - and so there is no turning back...hehehe

Actually, I am very pleased with the invitations, although it all seemed a bit surreal when we were sealing them and addressing the envelopes. It felt like I was sending out invitations on behalf of another person but, there they were, our names prominently positioned. No mistaking on whose party this was.

In addition, my friend Ellen and my sister Blanca are busy organising a couple of parties for me to celebrate the end of my life as a singleton :-) Oh boy - I have already warned them to please not make things too embarrassing for me. AND, that I do not really want a male stripper or to hop aboard one of those male stripper cruises.

When I was much younger, 18 or so, I was taken on one of these cruises for my sister's friends' hen's nights. Well, what can I say? I was scarred for life! I was absolutely shocked and appalled at the behaviour of some of the women there. The scene reminded me of seagulls at the beach fighting for a tiny morsel of food. It was disgusting the way some of these women would grope the poor guys. Now I know these are hazards that come with the 'job' but sill, I felt very sorry for them.

So, I have said to my sister that if she is planning something similar for me I will not turn up. I do not consider myself a prude but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Besides, my idea of fun is a little different - give me a good trivia night or a great Latin dancing night out, that I sure to keep me happy.


  • I Agree! I think it would be embarrassing and awkward to have a strange man strip for me. I’m all for my fair share of mischief when my turn comes but leave the sweaty men out of it! I think a good night out dancing with my favourite girly girls would be a much better option.

    Good luck with all your last minute arrangements!

    By Blogger Franky, at 11:41 am  

  • Definitely skip the male stripping scene. I was at a birthday party with a male stripper once. Someone thought it would be funny to spray whipped cream on him. He totally freaked out yelling, "I'm allergic to whipped cream!" and left without finishing the strip tease. It was so awkward. I felt bad for him, the birthday girl, and even the whipped cream sprayer. A game night sounds much better, with plenty of alcohol to make you feel a little wild.

    By Blogger amylou, at 4:59 am  

  • Franky - Yes, it is mbarrasing and awkward to have a man stripping (well, a stranger!). Yes, dancing does sound like a better option

    Amylou - that is a terrible story! poor guy and I bet that party crashed and burned pretty soon after that...Now, plenty of alcohol sounds like a LOT of fun...any suggestions?

    By Blogger Pusekatt, at 12:19 pm  

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