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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

On valentine' Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

My Valentine's Day present..(well cyber present)

In El Salvador, where I was born, we celebrate the 14th of February as The Day of Friendship as well as the traditional day for lovers. I find that this is a very nice spin on such a day because you are also able to send best wishes to your friends, in addition to significant others. Besides, a day that solely concentrates on celebrating relationships is bound to make many people depressed, as was illustrated by the planned mass suicide in North America yesterday. I guess it is no secret that Christmas and Valentine's day are the particular triggers for many suicides but I think that if we would put an emphasis on the friendship aspect of the day, more people would be happier. It is just a thought though...

Wedding Update number XXXX
- days to go = 46!
- Cake still not ordered
- Tasting proposed wedding menu tonight
- Ceremony music not finalised
- Reception music not finalised although we have selected our bridal waltz song...
- Oyvind's outfit yet to be finalised
- Groomsman outfit yet to be finalised
- Make up and hair yet to be booked
- Lingerie and honeymoon outfits not yet purchased (what do you wear to a honeymoon though? ;-)
- Hen's night not yet organised
- Dress not in Australia yet (Oyvind's mum, who is making my dress, arrives on 9th of March)
- Shoes not yet purchased
- Bonbonniere not yet finished (I am still trying out recipes)
- Vows and order of service not yet finalised
- Still don't know how to dance!

Yikes! So as you can tell, I will be a busy girl over the next 6 or so weeks...

Add to the above list the fact that we have to cater for all our overseas guests and show them the sights, etc...I feel faint just thinking about it!


  • Oh pusekatt...I am sure everything will fall into place very very quickly!! I can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans and maybe even see what you have come up with!

    By Blogger pipstar, at 4:38 pm  

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