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Monday, January 10, 2005

Unexpected Phone Calls

So today, while working away I ge a phone call from one of my colleagues, who usually answers the general telephone line.
I have my own line and so most of my friends and relatives call me there.
Not to day though...
My colleague's number came up on when I picked up the phone. He then asked me whether I knew anyone from Argentina. Puzzled, I said "ummm, no." He then said "Well, I have someone from Argentina asking for you by name on the line."
Intrigued, I said "Put them through please."
Imagine my surprise when, on the other end, was my childhood friend Moris!!!! We had not spoken in over 16 years.
Moris and his brother Victor, who are more than 10 years older than me, were my next door neighbours in El Salvador. I was like their little sister as was my older sister, Blanca.
We grew up together playing and having fun and when we moved to Australia it was a sad time for us all.
However, on this last trip to El Salvador, my sister and I (my sister will hereby be known by her true name of "Liono") managed to get in touch with Victor, who in turn provided us with Moris' details.
The fours of us, as well as other old friends, have been in touch via email recently but receiving a phone call was amazing! He now sounds like a true Argentinian (Moris moved there in 1990) and very grown up. He is married and has a young son who looks exactly like him when he was little.
It is so good to rekindle old friendships isn't it?


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