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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Prospero Año Nuevo y Felicidad

Happy New Year all!
I have been on leave from work since Christmas Eve.
Got to spend some lovely quality time with the family and my adorable boy.
We went away to the Hunter Valley (NSW's most well-known wine growing region).
It actually happened on a bit of a whim. We woke up on the 26th of December and I went surfing on the net to check whether I could find some good accomodation deals at Wotif, and lo and behold, I found us a great deal.
I booked us for 2 nights at The Tuscany Wine Estate.
We basically relaxed and spent quality time together. I read a couple of books:
- The Family Way by Tony Parsons (really love all his books so far)
- Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach.
But more importantly, whilst on our idyllic break, we were shocked by the news of what happened in Asia. I really do not want to write too much about it as it upsets me. Furthermore, we had planned to spend our honeymoon at one of the resorts that was obliterated in Thailand. What upsets me most is not te fact that I won't have my 'dream' honeymoon any longer but that all these people will suffer for so long. I urge you all to donate generously. This is a natural disaster in which no one is at fault...

On a different note...

A couple of New Year's resolutions for me:
- Read more BBC Top 100 books and purchase those books I have read and not yet own
- Cook 1 meal a week using a new recipe (I think the boy will be very happy about this!)
- Go to the movies once a week with my favourite movie buddy
- Write in my blog more often
- Have a fun wedding
- Be happier
- Be healthier (eat better and exercise more - samba classes, here I come!)

Cheers to all

PS I am currently reading "The Da Vinci Code", now I know it is not part of the BC Top 100 but I have been pestered to read it by my sister for some time now. Must say that it is a very easy read, already up to page 240 in 2 days! Also, this topic interests me because I have read the more 'factual' story upon which the book is based: "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".


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