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Friday, January 21, 2005

On Early Morning Cat Sightings

Every day, Monday to Friday, Oyvind and I catch the train to work.

I get off 1 stop before Oyvind, as he gets to cross the gorgeous Harbour Bridge.

Our train ride normally takes around 40 minutes and tends to be pretty uneventful. Well, unless Cityrail encounters "Adverse weather conditions"...which means trains are running behind schedule, in a major way.

NB: Adverse weather conditions = rain, hot weather, cold weather, pretty much anything that is not a perfectly sunny and mild day.

Anyway - during the train ride, as the train starts to approach Redfern (around 4 stops before mine) it starts to slow down...right down...

It was on one of these occasions that Oyvind and I noticed this gorgeous black and white cat sleeping on this tin roof under a Frangipani tree. The scene made me so happy that I decided to start looking for this cat every morning. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. But, whenever I see him I just have to smile as it is a great way to start the day.

Now, it is time for the weekend to start. I am meeting my friend Jill for dinner at Zia Pina's, this great pizza place at The Rocks. Really, a place that has red and white checked table cloths is great in my books :-)

After that, we are going to watch "The Motorcycle Diaries". The soundtrack is great and I really like the actor Gael Garcia Bernal so I hope the film is good. At any rate, a film in my mother tongue is bound to put me in a good mood :-)

Have a lovely weekend!


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