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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Finding Neverland - review

So last night was our movie night.
Before the movie though, we decided to go to Pho Pasteur, the very delicious Vietnamese restaurant I think I have mentioned before. I had my fave - number 19 : Grilled beef on steamed rice...mmm, no idea what they do with the meat but it I so delicious dipped in some garlic and chilli sauce. I was craving meat like mad yesterday and I can only attribute it to my low iron levels...oh where are my iron tablets?

Anyway, once we finished our dinner, we sprinted to the movies. We entered the theatre just as the movie was about to start. Whatever happened to the 5 minutes grace period?
At any rate, we were soon lost in the world of James Barrie. What a lovely movie this was! It was funny and sad and full of fantasy. Johnny Depp, one of my favourite actors nowadays, was very good as Barrie and Kate Winslet was so lovable as Sylvia. The boys were adorable, in particular the little one who plays Peter - what an angel, just wanted to hug him! I did shed a tear or ten at the end of this movie but it was not an unashamed tearjerker - it just portrayed the theme of loss so well that you could not help but feel emotional. I recommend it and so give it
4* out of 5*

PS My body is in agony...oh my gosh, muscles I had forgotten about are painfully reminding me of their existence. Nonetheless, I am off to do weights now and will attempt to wake up for yoga tomorrow morning...The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that on Friday night I get to eat dinner with mum at the Salvadorean restaurant and so eat some yummy pupusas...mmmmm


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