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Monday, December 20, 2004

Trip to El Salvador - Day 1

On Friday 19th of November, I set out on a special holiday. More than just a holiday in which I could relax and forget about work for a while, this was an opportunity for me to visit my country of birth since I left it behind in 1988 - almost 17 years ago...

My flights first took me to New Zealand where I had a short layover. Whilst there I saw one of the jets that had been decorated in Middle Earth images. Here is one with the lovely Legolas and the Awesome Aragorn.

Middle Earth Posted by Hello

After many hours I arrived in San Francisco for a long-ish layover. I arrived in the morning but my flight to El Salvador was not due to leave until midnight. Because of this, my aunt Martha and cousin Norma came to pick me (and the rest of my travelling party comprising of my sister, her husband Jason and my friends ellen and Carlo) up from the airport. She took us to her home in Richmond where we were able to freshen up and rest.

The time eventually came for me to get on the plane that would take me back home. I was a little nervous but very excited. I would be arriving in San Salvador at 7am. My cousin Steve was due to pick us up and I could not wait to see him again - it had been over 17 years since I last saw him.

Below is the first thing I saw from the plane. Great huh?

El Salvador...at last Posted by Hello


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