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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Intermission - Rude people

Ok, I know I have a particularly good memory and tend not to forget things. Most of the time this is a gift - particularly when I am competing in Trivia Nights, however sometimes it is a pain in the neck. For example, if someone does or says something that I am not too impressed by, I do not forget the comment easily...Which is why I am writing this entry - to get a little thing off my chest.

Yesterday morning, I took a message for a work colleague from some Auto parts place. I said I would pass the message on. Now, my colleague works in a call centre environment which means he does not exactly get a chance to call people privately until he is on a break.

Anyway, at around lunchtime I took another phonecall on his behalf. This time, it was a woman calling from the same auto place. Unfortunately, he had just gone out to lunch. When I informed her of this and asked as to whether she would like to leave a message she started to become extremely rude - towards me!

She started to tell me that he "better" call her back because she had gone to a lot of trouble to get his parts and that he should have the decency to respond to phone messages, etc - I mean, this woman was practically screaming in my ear. I tried to get a word in but she was going full steam. Anyway, when she paused for a breath I told her the following "Excuse me but you have no right to speak to me that way, you are being extremely rude", she was about to say something else but I said "Goodbye" and hung up on her. As I soon as I did that I said "bitch!", which is one of my least favourite words in the English language, even when used in jest.

Now, you must understand something about me - I am extremely patient and I seldom swear BUT when I encounter rude people like this I do not tolerate such behaviour. I just cannot understand why people feel they should be rude to get their message across - the world is a much nicer place when everyone is polite to each other. Even savages like this woman should be taught that. AGH!

Anyway, that is my rant for the morning.


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