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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Official Training is now over and

I think I can feel a number of illnesses coming on...

You know when you push your body so hard and you have been under heaps of stress, then you stop and all of a sudden your body decides it is time to get sick/ill?
Well, I can feel that happening to me.

Yesterday was the last official day of training, by that I mean that all classroom, instructor-led training is now over for the year. Naturally, there will be ongoing support, but at least I won't have to listen to myself talk for 7+ hours a day :-)

I think it went well. The new call centre manager said that my training was the best training he has ever had...high praise indeed!

Anyway, yesterday I gave myself a 10 minute early mark and decided to go to the gym to relax. I warmed up a little on the ski machine and then proceeded to go to the weights room. I was there for only 5 minutes when I was struck by a horrible tummy cramp. It was so bad that I could hardly move and had to sit for a couple of minutes. It turns out that I have been on the go for so long that I did not even notice that my 'regular monthly visit' was late by more than a week.

However, my lovely boy then nicely suggested we walk around Parramatta Park (a lovely park down the road from us with a river running through it). I thought to myself "why not?" So off we went.

It was an amazing afternoon/early evening. The sun was still out and so many people were jogging and cycling. It was all so idyllic that I was extremely glad to be out there...I took a deep breath and then proceeded to sneeze non-stop for almost a minute. That's right, I'd forgotten that I had not yet had my annual hayfever attack...
Today i find myself tired but happy.

I know I'll probably be ill but who cares? I have achieved what I thought would be impossible and I am one lucky girl :-)

PS Just received an email from a childhood friend in El Salvador. Made me all teary because she mentions how she cannot wait to see me and my sister again and to hug us and take us out and about...Cannot believe I will be home in just a little over 2 weeks. Can this be true after over 16 years?


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