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Monday, October 11, 2004

Why - I'm flattered

So at around lunchtime I made my way to Martin Place to check out the Soccerroos and to see whether I could score some freebies. Managed to see a couple of our players and also managed to get some passes to the movie 'Taxi' which is being released in early November. Have heard the movie is rubbish though and that Gisele Bundchen (Leo DiCaprio's supermodel girlfriend) is crap in it to. She speaks Portuguese (born in Brazil) but for some reason her Portuguese is unintelligible. Reminds me of when I watched the movie 'Bedazzled' and there was a scene in which Brendan Fraser is playing a Colombian druglord. He speaks Spanish throughout and although he started well, by the end of the scene I had to read the subtitles. I had no idea what he was saying! :-)

Anyway, back to my story.

So I was there trying to see Harry Kewell over everybody else's heads. This proved quite impossible from where I was so I decided to move to another area. Now, whilst there I had noticed that there were many people and there was this young (my age or so) guy with a girl. I looked at them but did not stare, you know how it is.

As I started to make my way around to a better spot I noticed out of the corner of my eye, this guy running after me. At first I thought I had dropped something but no. He came up to me and said:
H - Hi, what's your name?
Me - Ummm, Ivonne...why?
H - Oh, I am sure I've seen you around before. Do you work around here?
Me - Well I work at Wynyard.
H - Oh ok. Ummm so, do you want to meet up next week sometime?
Me - Ahhh well, actually I am engaged. Sorry.
H - (Visibly disappointed of course ;-) Oh, ok. I'm sorry, have a nice day.
Me - Thank you, bye.

What the?
this little episode made me realise a couple of things:
a) apparently I am still attractive to guys other than my gatillo
b) there are some nice-looking guys out there who are willing to take a chance
c) not all single guys are sleazy and his friendly approach impressed me
d) it feels nice to be approached by complete strangers in the middle of Sydney when you are having a non-glamorous day.

Hmm, maybe I should start getting out of the office a bit more...



  • Hehehe you should've told him that you and your fiancee are swingers - into the whole group thing - and that you'd love to meet up!

    By Blogger dogspeed, at 10:39 am  

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