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Friday, October 29, 2004

Weekend is near!

So, yesterday I worked from 9am until close to 1am this morning. Yes, it was a long day.
I feel a little tired now but I have managed to wrangle an early mark from my boss so that I can shop for Oyvind's birthday present (birthday is on Tuesday - Melbourne Cup Day).
I saw this nice top from FCUK the other day that I think will suit him very well. I love buying him clothes and 'dolling' him up. Is it just me?
He is such a lucky boy, can wear the brightest colours and look great. And he has one of those physiques for which clothes do not really need fixing. Me on the other hand, well, I am guaranteed to have my pants taken up! Hehehe Well, when you are as short as me (I think 5f 2 at last count but hopeful that every day I will wake up 4 inches taller) that's just the way things are.
I am hoping that this weekend will be a relaxed one. Next week sees me conducting systems training with the new troops. Luckily, they are a bright bunch so that makes my life a lot easier.
On a very happy note, today marks 3 weeks until I leave for my holiday. I cannot wait to see my family again. I really look forward to meeting and spending quality time with them.
I hope all you thousands (I wish) out there have an amazing weekend and keep smiling...it makes you look prettier/more handsome;-)


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