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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Long weekends - Part 1: Caves

The Imperial Cave Posted by Hello

Well dear little blog, I am sorry I have neglected you but after the long weekend I had, I needed to stay away from technology :-)

So, our friend Martin came to stay with us on Friday night. He is a sweet and overworked Dane currently living in OZ who is a colleague of gatillo. On Friday night we had yummy pizza and beer and did not party too hard because we had an early start on Saturday.

We left home at 8.30am to make our way to the Jenolan Caves. Gatillo had rented a nice little Corolla from Bayswater car rental for the weekend and it is such a nice little car! I want one NOW.

Anyway, I was a little nervous at the prospect of rain in th emountains as I had heard that the road to the caves could be quite treachorous. Luckily for us, despite the thunderstorms of the days before, the road was relatively dry and by the time we got over the Blue Mountains, the weather was fantastic.
We stopped at a tiny village on our way to the caves for some petrol. It was a place owned by an old German man who was quite a character. His wife was lovely and I bought 3 slices of peach/pear cake from her. Possibly some of the most delicious cake I have had in along time - moist enough and very tasty...yum!

So, we stopped a few times before arriving at the caves to admire the beauty of nature. Gentle green rolling hills, the mountains in the background and the smell of fresh unpolluted air surrounded us. Could life get any better?

The road to the caves was narrow and winding but so picturesque. However, once we go to the bottom of the hill, we were left breathless! What an entrance - wow. Absolutely beautiful and we could not wait to get started. Unfortunately we arrived too late to join the Pool of Cerberus cave tour so we went for another tour - The Imperial Cave.

This cave was a nice introduction to the caves. It was a tour that lasted 1 hour and was not too physically demanding. The rock formations and crystals, stalagtites and stalagmites are just amazing. We were all on a high after that and i don't think it was due to the lack of oxygen :-)

We had a quick lunch, pipstar you were right food is nothing much to write about.

We then prepared ourselves for the River Cave. This cave was spectacular! The colour of the river was just unreal and the columns and formations we saw - wow! The tour ran for about 2 hours and it is excellent. The guides were very knowledgeable and the pace was good. It was a little more physically demanding than the Imperial cave but not bad at all.

The River Cave Posted by Hello

At the end of this tour we chatted with the guide for a little. He got us all excited about doing adventure caving so I think that will be on the agenda for next time. Can't wait to try it. In addition, there are also bushwalking tracks so I'll be keen on that. If you are in Sydney and you get taken out on touristy things, be sure to check the caves out, they really are beautiful!


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