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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Last Night...

So, I am back at the office after a very fun night out.
Trying to concentrate but after working over 14 days straight, it is getting a little difficult.

Instead, I'll talk about last night :-)

It started at Spanish Terrazas, a really fun restaurant that combines great food and some good Latin music to get you up and moving. There were 14 of us and 12 were women - yeah, it was fun. My friend Berta was there, whom I have not seen since before she went on holidays in May! It was great fun to catch up with her and we have agreed that we are to party some more on her birthday, a little less than a month away.
The food was yummy! Had some lovely tapas and paella and meat platters. Mmmm, wayyy too much food.

Naturally, after that pigout we had to get up and dance in order to make room for dessert! I have not danced in a long time so it took me a little while to get going. You know, it's funny. As a Latina, I do have rhythm I suppose but I freak out when I have to dance with a partner. I just cannot do it very well unless the guy is a strong dancer. I always tend to lead! I seriously need some lessons and my better half and I have agreed that once I come back from holidays, we will sign up to some serious classes. Don't want to make fools of ourselves at the wedding! YIKES!

Anyway, we danced a bit of everything - cumbia, salsa and merengue (my favourite!). After breaking a sweat, it was time to recover with some delish cake. The whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to Ellen, which was loads of fun. The cake was gone in about half an hour, not a bad effort that.

Later, some of us decided to continue the night by going out to a club. Ended up at the Shelbourne (or Altitude as it is known). Had a really great time dancing to some hip-hopish RnB stuff. Later, we made our way to the Retro level where we could really shake our thang - can't go wrong with some classic pop :-) I was on fire after a couple of vodka and redbull drinks, so I had loads of energy. Unfortunately, my companions were a bit tired so we had to call it a night a little before 2. Must remember to party like that when I am overseas...hmmmm.

Oh yeah, got talking to a sweet young boy there - he must have been around 19! Hahaha, I am such an old bag. Luckily, my boy came to 'rescue' me ;-)

Spent the night at Ellen's and woke up early so that I could come in to work - blegh! And here I am. Hmmm, better knuckle down and start on the remaining sections of the training manual...


  • Sounds like you had a great time! Happy birthday to Ellen from me :-)

    By Blogger pipstar, at 10:39 am  

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