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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ellen's birthday

Today is my friend Ellen's birthday. She turns 28! (She'll also probably kill me for divulging her age).
I think 28 is a nice age. I hated it when I turned 25 earlier this year - it was a bit of a shock when completing surveys and questionnaires I had to move to the '25 and over' option and tick that!
By now though, I have had over 8 months to get used to my age and it is not so bad anymore. Still feel a bit funny about being called 'lady' by little kids though. Makes me feel like saying - 'Hey, I'm still a kid at heart!".

Anyway, this year I have decided to buy Ellen her birthday cake as her birthday present. I'll be picking up her Fraisier cake from La Renaissance Patisserie at 4 o'clock this afternoon. At the moment I am at work trying to complete a section of the induction training manual on Medicines and Pricing. Thrilling stuff. Nevertheless, I must complete it today because I am running out of time. Training begins in about 1 week and I have not yet completed everything. I hope I don't fall asleep when I run the training session!
And so, to the strains of track number 9 of the 'Amelie' soundtrack, I bid you Adieu.

PS Will be going out to celebrate Elle's birthday tonight but cannot get too tipsy - have to come into the office again tomorrow :-(


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