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Monday, October 11, 2004

Day After Before Sunset

Work is very busy and so as of last weekend, I will be working every weekend day until training begins. Guess I have not mentioned this before, but I work as a training manager. At the moment, I am creating some training manuals for training that will start in 14 days...yeah, I will be needing every single one of those days - gulp!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon found a very tired trooper in need of some distraction. At the moment, Sydney is experiencing a glorious Spring. Mild days, rain here and there...
And so I decided to take myself to the movies - one of my favourite past-times
I walked along beautiful circular quay to the Dendy cinemas near the Opera House.
A movie I have been waiting for almost 9 years was playing - Before Sunset

I settled in my comfy seat and let myself go...What a lovely movie. Paris looked so attractive. Julie Delpy (Celine) was great as was Ethan Hawke(Jesse). He has aged not so well though, needs to eat more...Hmmm

Now this movie is the sequel to Before Sunrise. This movie stirred my desire to travel and do spontaneous things such as spend a romantic day with a handsome stranger (instead I have had the chance to spend over 5 years with a lovely and handsome 'stranger'...) I think this movie is what inspired me to get together with my boy all those years ago in San Francisco when we were both young students barely out of our teens. I honestly felt that had I not taken the opportunty I may have faced a fate similar to that of Celine and Jesse. What if?...

I really enjoyed this film and found it to be a sweet sequel to the original. The music was great, had no idea Julie Delpy could sing, and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Hope I don't have to wait another 9 years though.



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