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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Short sleeves

Well well,

Today is a great day - the first day since winter started in which I have been able to wear a short-sleeved top. Of course, I still have to wear my coat outside but that is quite alright. I am really looking forward to warmer and longer days and being able to go out on long walks with my gatillo.
Oh and of course, the warmer the days become, the closer I get to my trip!
I really cannot wait to see my family again as well as old friends. I will also try to track down my best friend from childhood. Her name is Isela and we lost touch when I hit my teens. I still have her old home address so perhaps luck may be on my side and I might be able to find her...Wouldn't that be priceless?
Also, I hope to track down my old nanny/maid Mary. She was so great and a very important part of my life growing up. I heard that she had a baby boy a few years ago and that unfortunately she was suffering from arthritis, probably due to all the hard work she had to do when young, I would love to see her again. Wonder if she has changed lots and whether all my family and friends will be able to recognise me?!

Anyway, I am going to meet my good friend Ellen in a little while. She will also be coming on holidays with me. Should be fun!


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