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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Popcorn makers and TV

It is just past midday on a cloudy spring day.

I am really looking forward to going home and using my brand new popcorn maker :-)
A few years ago I had a popcorn maker but unfortunately a freak accident in which the plastic lid melted rendered it useless...
For a while now I have been quite health conscious and so want to ensure I eat the best and healthiest food possible. Since this is the case, I decided that a popcorn maker would be a good 'investment'. I have been bugging Oyvind about it for a while now and Sunday we stopped by K-Mart and got ourselves the maker. We have yet to use it though.

Ahhh, I guess I should start at the beginning.

On Sunday my gatillo said to me "let's get a TV". Now, we have been thinking and speaking of getting a new TV since he moved to OZ almost 4 years ago, so I thought this was going to be another one of those days on which we are 'all talk and no action'. Not so my friends, we were finally going to do it.
So off we went to a couple of places and finally came to Retravision at Merrylands. There we received very good service from a nice salesman (yes, they do exist) and we decided to purchase the following sweet TV:

The new TV Posted by Hello

We handed over the credit card and luckily for us they had some in stock so we would get our new TV on the same day. We took it home and then proceeded to go to our old haunt "The Licquor Stax" on Sherwood Road, Merrylands where we can get new release DVDs for $1.10!
Anyway, we stocked up on 4 DVDs to watch and we were so pumped about it all. We got home and I got busy making a Sunday roast (my first and it turned out good), whilst Oyvind unpacked our new TV.

Drama - the TV was broken! The right hand side was completely craked and almost falling apart. It looked like it had taken quite a knock as the styrofoam was also cracked and broken. We were both very disappointed and so watched one of our rented DVDs on our trusty 34cm tv...

After a quick call yesterday though, Retravision let us know that they would replace the TV and so agreed to deliver it yesterday afternoon.
More Drama - turns out that their whole stock of that particular TV set is all smashed!
Looks like we may have to wait a while longer for our new TV to arrive but I am not waiting to use my popcorn maker any longer.
Tonight is the night :-)

The Popcorn maker Posted by Hello


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