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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oyvind and Ivonne

You know, I have just realised that in my previous post I mentioned Oyvind and most of you brave enough to have ventured into this site do not know who I was referring to.

Basically, Oyvind is my best friend and love all rolled into one.
This is a photo of us taken when we were in Spain last year. This was at El Parque del Retiro in Madrid on a delightfully sunny and hot summer day in July.

Oyvind and Ivonne Posted by Hello

Oyvind is my favourite person in the world - most of the time!
The picture above reminds me of one of the most challening, yet happiest times in my life. This was right before we embarked on the journey of a lifetime - the pilgrimmage to Santiago de Compotela. More on that later though.

In the meantime, enjoy the pic. And if you have not figured it out, the chick on the right is me :-)


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