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Friday, September 10, 2004

Old Friends and BBQs

On Saturday, gatillo and I met up with our old friends Matt and Emma who we have not seen since we watched The Two Towers on opening day in 2002!!! We totally missed meeting up last year - what the?

We have been in touch though but nothing beats a proper catch up. Naturally, food had to be involved, so we took ourselves to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Carlingford.

Korean BBQ Posted by Hello

It was lots of fun and although you come out smelling like a BBQ yourself, the food was good and it is a great opportunity to chat lots. We caught up on the last couple of years (almost) and it was great to see that we still 'clicked'.
You know how you have some friends that you never see but when you do see each other it is af if you had seen each other only yesterday? I guess our friendship with Matt and Emma is the same.

After dinner we went to the Cold Rock Ice Creamery at Parramatta for some dessert. I was positively stuffed at that point so I was real wimp and had the kiddie sized cup with chocolate ice cream - yum.
chocolate icecream Posted by Hello
The others were much more adventurous and had ice cream mixed with a million and one things!

We chatted lots and have agreed to meet up in a couple of weeks time. Should be fun! And I hope we do not let another 18 months go by before seeing each other again!


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