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Friday, September 17, 2004


The other day, whilst I was washing my hands, a little scrap from within my childhood memories came forth.

A name - 'Choper".

This was the name of my favourite stuffed toy when I was little. He was a little dog that was latte coloured with chocolate coloured floppy ears. I used to drag him around everywhere. I also used to dress him up in a dress but never thought anything was wrong with that. The dress fit him perfectly and was also brown to match his ears.

Oh boy, does this mean I need some counselling now? ;-) Hehehe

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
I am really looking forward to tonight as I have a date with my gatillo. We are going to watch 'The bourne supremacy' - a little behind in our movie watching but we are getting there. Besides, I need to make use of the $7 movie passes I got from the gym. With a little pain comes some gain - good stuff.

Actually today I am feeling rather good about myself - got up early to do some Aerobics Oz Style (Weekdays 6.30am). It was so much fun! I think I may do it again, perhaps incorporate it into my regular fitness routine...hmmm


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