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Monday, September 06, 2004

All hail spring

So last night we experienced quite a hailstorm out my neck of the woods. Boy! I had not seen hail like that in a long time. It was loud and beautiful!
In fact, just prior to the storms I managed to contemplate some of the beautiful colours of the sky before sunset and before the storms approached. How is it that colours like the ones I saw yesterday could be possible? Wow...

Anyway - on to other things.

At the moment I am reading "Tess of D'urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy. Yes, I am still battling with the BBC Top 100. This book is a very good read. Much easier to read than "Wuthering Heights" which I found quite difficult. Not so much the language (well except for Heathcliff's man-servant who speaks in an unintelligible Yorkshire accent) but the characters of Heathcliff and Catherine (the elder). What horrible characters - bleagh.

After Tess I hope to read "Flowers for Algernon" which is not a BBC listed book but should be a good and simple read nonetheless. After that, I have "Jane Eyre" lined up. And I think that should keep me busy for the next 8 or so weeks.

The countdown for my trip currently stands at: 76 days until I touch down on the tarmac at El Salvador's international airport. It would have been just over 16 years and 7 months since I had been back in the country of my birth and I am getting very excited.

Ohhh, Can't wait!


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