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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

193 days to go

It is for real! Posted by Hello

Oh boy - just checked out The Knot and gatillo and I have 193 days until our 'big' day.

Makes me feel nervous and excited at the same time.
Also makes me feel like such a grown up. By this time next year I will be a Mrs.
Still trying to determine whether I should go by:
- Mrs Valland
- Mrs Valle-Valland
- Mrs de Valland.

Agh - decisions, decisions!


  • A "MRS"??? Oh my god, you are old. I'm not sure we can be friends anymore :-)

    I can't believe you guys will be getting married in just 193 days! Good thing you are so prepared!!

    By Blogger pipstar, at 2:02 pm  

  • I reckon you should go for option 1 or 3. But that's just me. Or how about going for option 2, and making your man change his, too?

    By Blogger dogspeed, at 9:31 am  

  • Pipstar - You can't dump me as a pal! I promise to remain as weird as ever once I become a Mrs. Hey, he has not succeeded in 'normalising' me after 5 years - do you really think he has a chance? ;-)

    Oyvind - Option 1 and 3 huh? Yeah, I thought of that to. I remember discussing with gatillo the possibility of changing his name but he went on a serious rant and rave about it. So, I consider that possibility quite closed to discussion. After all, I have to allow him his 'small' victories...hehehehe

    By Blogger Pusekatt, at 12:18 pm  

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