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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wednesday Afternoon

Afternoon and Coffeespoons...

So at the moment I am organising a ghost tour of Old Government House. Last time I was on a ghost tour was for my friend Debbie's birthday. We went to the ghost tour at the Old Quarantine Station near Manly. I did not see any ghosts but there were a couple of places at which I did not feel too comfortable...

Must say that I am not as attuned to ghostly presences as my sister is, but I have had my share of weird experiences. One that comes to mind is a shared experience actually. My sister and I saw the same ghost at the same time. No idea who he was but he did follow us when we moved homes. Last time I saw him was a couple of years ago.

I really am looking forward to this ghost tour though - it will be mostly indoors using candlelight to make our way around the old Georgian mansion. Good thing there will be a dozen of us on the tour!

Sometimes I do wonder what I would do if faced with a nasty ghost. The one I encountered with my sister was very harmless... Are there such things as ghosts, why do they hang around? I wonder if we get the choise to become a ghost when we die - would be interesting to be one. I wonder what kind of limitations would be placed on a ghost - no haunting within a 5 km radius...:-)


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