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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Today I started to remember a couple of books I read a while back which I would love to read again. I generally do not read books more than once, particularly if these books have had a positive impact on my life and also if I liked them a lot. For me the decision to rate a book, movie or CD as good or bad, largely depeds on my mood at the time that I read it, saw it or heard it. It is amazing that I am still able to listen to albums that I have owned for years and somehow fall in love with a totally obscure song within it. Movies are the same, and books as well.
Nevertheless, there are books, albums and movies that for me, stand the test of time. If such items are able to transcend my moods, then these become favourites and are rated highly.

An example of an album would be 'Crash' by Dave Matthews Band. An album that is musically and lyrically awesome.

An example of a movie would be the entire "Lord of The Rings" trilogy. I must say that those movies have spoiled me greatly!

An example of a book would be "The Little Prince" - a book that always hits home.

Just recently I read "Veronika decides to die" by Paulo Coelho for the 2nd or 3rd time. I still find this book very good and enjoyable.

And today, I was trying to remember the author of this book I borrowed from a friend a couple of years ago - it was titled "Beauty". Eventually i found it listed on Amazon. Its author is Sheri S Tepper. At the time that I read this book I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended it to a few friends. I wonder if I still feel the same way...

Similarly, when I make my journey back to the country of my birth in around 3 months I wonder what every thing will be like to me. Now I have almost 17 years of living a life in a new country that I love and revere - what will I think?
I am sure that everything will seem so small and crowded in comparison to my new home but will I hate it? Will I fall in love again?

There are so many things I struggle to remember and some that are deeply and lucidly embedded in my heart and my mind. How will I cope? What will I do?

I cannot even begin to guess...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

And the Games are under way

It seems like only yesterday that the Olympic Games were being held in Sydney. I can't believe that 4 years have already passed and Thorpe and co are at it again.

This time 4 years ago I was about to finish my contract with The Olympic Store. That was a really good experience on so many levels - but primarily the ability to take part in such an event beyond the role of a mere spectator. I remember meeting quite a few athletes, who could always be spotted very quickly, and having very nice experiences as a result. I remember that all the athletes I met had the most healthy appearance - usually tanned and toned and focused.
Now, I have a 'serious' job where I no longer get to rub shoulders with athletes but this is not exactly a bad thing.

Some days, I feel as if I have life experience beyond my years but there are other days when a little trigger reminds me that I have so much to learn and discover...

I do hope that these Games are safe and happy ones for all. When the news constantly bombard us with images of death and destruction, injustice and hate - images of triumph, reward and glory make a welcome change.

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wednesday Afternoon

Afternoon and Coffeespoons...

So at the moment I am organising a ghost tour of Old Government House. Last time I was on a ghost tour was for my friend Debbie's birthday. We went to the ghost tour at the Old Quarantine Station near Manly. I did not see any ghosts but there were a couple of places at which I did not feel too comfortable...

Must say that I am not as attuned to ghostly presences as my sister is, but I have had my share of weird experiences. One that comes to mind is a shared experience actually. My sister and I saw the same ghost at the same time. No idea who he was but he did follow us when we moved homes. Last time I saw him was a couple of years ago.

I really am looking forward to this ghost tour though - it will be mostly indoors using candlelight to make our way around the old Georgian mansion. Good thing there will be a dozen of us on the tour!

Sometimes I do wonder what I would do if faced with a nasty ghost. The one I encountered with my sister was very harmless... Are there such things as ghosts, why do they hang around? I wonder if we get the choise to become a ghost when we die - would be interesting to be one. I wonder what kind of limitations would be placed on a ghost - no haunting within a 5 km radius...:-)

First Entry

Well, I have heard about these things and although I have been attracted to the idea of creating a blog, I have never bothered to create one. Until now.

What inspired me was the sad fact that I no longer go to Tuesday Triva nights and so a lot of useless information is being stored in my brain. I need to purge - and since every man and his dog has an opinion on things I thought I should add my 2 cents worth to the overflowing piggy bank of grand and ridiculous ideas and thoughts.

I have no strategy for the way this blog will develop. I will try to use that great trivia night technique of going with my 'gut instinct'.

Right now I am listening to Treasure, a song by D'sound. I discovered the sounds of this groovy little band when I was in Norway in the northern summer of 2003. Hmmm, cabin trips and much merriment - now that is what holidays are all about!

Speaking of holidays....