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Friday, May 13, 2005

So long, Farewell

Dear all,
Marriage has not changed me much but I decided that it is a good enough excuse to explore new horizons. As such, this will be my last entry in Pusekatt and I now welcome you to Tisane For One. This new blog is a chance for me to redeem myself of past failed promises, ie. updating my blog regularly!!!
Thank you to all who have left comments and have linked to Pusekatt. Please come to visit my new home.

Lots of love and purrs,
Ms Pusekatt

Monday, May 09, 2005

Movies and Inspirations

Last week found me spending an afternoon with my good friend Jill. We walked around her neck of the woods, aka Neutral Bay, a suburb to the north of Sydney.
We shopped and I somehow found myself with a lovey wool/silk pashmina - perfect for the cold days ahead. We also had yummy hot chocolate and shared a berry and apple tarte tatin...mmmm

And, on our way back to her place, we stopped by Blockbuster. They had a sale and I ended up with "A Room with a View" on DVD. My second DVD purchase in as many weeks. My first was the lovely "Before Sunrise"
and just yesterday I made yet another purchase - Pedro Almodovar's "Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About my mother)".

No, I do not have a truckload of money to throw around but here's the thing. My local movie theatre, which was turning into a real dump anyway but serviced my movie needs just fine, closed down a couple of weeks ago. A new movie theatre will replace it but not for a few more MONTHS! What to do with the money allocated to my movie trips? Why purchase some DVDs of course and enjoy these over and over again. Besides, this way I get to catch up on movies I may have missed out on earlier. Right?

Anyway, Saturday night found me at home with my husband. We had not done very much the whole day as we had waited for our new fridge and washing machine to arrive. We decided to spend the night at home and watch some movies. We first started with "Office Space", a movie that is guaranteed to cheer us up - why? Well, we can so relate to the mundane portrayal of office life and having to deal with ridiculous reporting tools such as "coversheets on TPS reports" - my husband, in particular, relates to it all better than me, after all he is the IT geek in our home.

Our second movie was "Before Sunrise", a movie Oyvind had never seen. He says he enjoyed it (ok it is a bit romantic etc so I have my doubts) and so of course that made me happy. Besides, when we first met our circumstances were not much different to the characters. There we were, two strangers from very different cultures and backgrounds who decided to take a chance...Granted, our surroundings may not have been as glamorous as Vienna but San Francisco is not too bad at all.

Watching the film again reminded me of when I had first watched it and how I had made myself a vow that if I ever found myself in a situation like theirs I would do exactly the same thing they did. Only a year or so later I did and I stuck to my vow. Am I ever glad I did! :-)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is today a cool date or what?

5th day of the 5th month of 2005...I love dates like that. They look so pretty you know. Maybe that's why I was so happy with my own birth date - 02/02. It makes it easy to write wherever I am in the world: USA month/day or Australia day/month...Hmmm

Anyway, this morning I went to a conference in the city (CBD) nice and early. As in I was there at 7.30...*yawn!*

I used to work in the city up until March but whilst I was off getting hitched and sipping Pina Coladas in Fiji, my office was relocated to the suburbs. Now, although this means I am in the middle of nowhere, there are many advantages: travel time has been reduced significantly, especially when I have a car - it will only take me 10 minutes to drive to and from work each way, a welcome change from at least one hour commute each way back in my CBD days; no shopping around which means less temptation; a chance to go on nice lunchtime walks.

So, I have been doing this routine for the past 3 weeks and well, it was a bit of a rude shock to be catching a train before 7am!!!

Anyway - there was breakfast provided at this place. It was held in a hotel and so of course the food was yum-o. Now if only I could remember what the presentation was about...;-)
But seriously, here I am. Almost lunchtime and not particularly hungry. So I thought I would update my blog instead.

Plans for the weekend?
Saturday - waiting on delivery of our NEW fridge AND Washing machine. So excited about this - sad isn't it? But seriously, my current appliances are hand me downs and are both 17 years old...soooo, a time for change, agree? We knew we had to get a new washer when ours threatened to stomp through our apartment during its spin dry cycle. Seriously. We had to hold it down.
My fridge, on the other hand, works as effectively as an open Eski (cooler box or ice box). My veggies last a very short time and it is just a real pain to clean as it is not frost-free. Ahhh, new fridge.

Sunday - mother's day. I think my sis and I are taking my mum somewhere but we will see whether we actually fit into her schedule. She is one busy lady.

Now, it is back to work for me.

Friday, April 29, 2005

So...we're expecting...

That's what I told some friends on Tuesday and you should have seen their reactions - Priceless!!!

But, Oyvind and I are not expecting a baby...instead we are expecting a new car.
A gorgeous Holden (Opel) Astra...brand new...and, ahem, manual transmission.
Why ahem? Well, because I have not driven a 'manual' car since 1997 sometime and I will be the primary driver of our new baby. And people thought Sydney's roads were bad - just wait until I get behind the wheel of my new automobile :-) Actually, I will have to wait, lots - 10 to 12 weeks actually. What a pain!

One thing I must share though is my bargaining skills.

This particular car was discounted by around $3,000 earlier this year to make way for the new model. In addition, the 'Equipe', which is what we are getting, was discounted a further $1,500. This particular model is quite well-equipped (hence the name - ha!) and so has been in my sights for a while.

So, when Oyvind and I got to bargaining with the car salesman he said, once he had given us the initial quote, name your price. So I did, and it was $2,000 less than what he quoted. Naturally he nearly fell off his chair and started to say how that was quite substantial and that you know, the car had already been discounted earlier this year and our particular model had been discounted a further amount. This is where divine intervention took over and I said:

"But the company did not discount it for me
specifically, so I don't think that really counts as a discount, do you?"

He then proceeded to negotiate my price with his manager - Ha!
To cut a long story short, we ended up getting a discount of around $1850 and also a very happy Pusekatt:-)

Our new baby

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 2nd, 2005

On April 2nd, I married the most amazing guy on earth

Just the two of us...

and subsequently have become part of the Valland family.

Me and my new family

We had a magical day where love and goodwill reigned...and good food was never far

The cake!

Friday, March 18, 2005


I was checking out the usual blogs I like to check out and stopped by Amylou's most recent entry. It turned out to be a very entertaining read on her various crushes over the years and her most recent one on a Swede named Haakan, who also happens to be a singer in a band...with a girlfriend, and highly unlikely to pose any threat to Amy's boyfriend (a Beck lookalike...I sense a pattern but ANYWAY...)

So, I started thinking about my own crushes. There have been so many I have lost count. Some have turned into conquests of sorts whilst most remain firmly in fantasy standing. Oyvind, angel, you have nothing to worry about!

But seriously folks, here I am with just over 2 weeks until I become a married woman and I still nurse and enjoy my silly crushes. And why not? It is not unhealthy is it? Besides, I like to share these with my future husband who mostly laughs and looks completely puzzled :-) Mind you, he has his own crushes and one is even in Sydney at the moment, promoting her latest movie...(Sandra Bullock and Miss congeniality 2).

So, while I sat here and listened to Coldplay sing "Green Eyes", a song I associate with my significant other, and whilst I read Amylou's entry, I started to think of my current crushes. I can say that I have two serious crushes who are both totally unattainable, married and never likely to cross my path in a million years. Still, a girl can dream can't she?

All, I present you with the sexy Brit...Clive Owen. What a man! So imperfect and rugged that it makes me giggle and blush.


And then there is Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from the most excellent and entertaining TV series "Lost". I just love his character to bits and that Southern drawl is to die for...wow!


Anyway, now that I have finished publicising my crushes to the cyberworld. I should go back to planning my wedding...After all, I am marrying my greatest crush whose affections took me almost a year to secure.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hen's night...

So, the hen's night has come and gone and I am still in one piece. I did NOT have a male stripper perform for me. Thank goodness!

Instead, it was a rather tame night. We went to the Spanish Club restaurant and ate delicious tapas and drank plenty of sangria. It affected some people more than others though. Not me of course - I have had way too much drinking practice with Norwegians.

Anyway, I was made t wear my sister Blanca's creation - a Viking helmet decorated with jewels that fell off slowly throughout the night, glitter that was everywhere on my body and a powder blue veil trailing behind me. Yes, I was sophistication embodied.

Here's a shot of the friends that managed to make it. It was a small group and that was ok, although a few key parties were missing...ahem, pipstar...hehehe


And in case you missed who the hen was...